Happiness for lol

lol XD

I can say now that I find happiness in the things I like to do

wtf who doesn't?

arcade and online games not to mention anime, some people find this childish but I find paradise in them

going to an anime convention though tiring is relaxing at the same time

tiring in a way coz you stand for the whole time if not most of the time XD

though its hard to find sum1 who has the same likes that I do i'm willing to wait however long it takes XD

lol now wtf am I saying XD

just another random post XD

tnx for reading :D

Right on Time - Drummania

Don't you know
Don't you know
I'd been waiting for you?
Don't you know
Baby, you just showed up
Right on time

Can't you see
Can't you see
I'd been waiting for you?
Can't you see
Baby, you touched my heart
Right on time

When I was younger
I was just greedy
All I wanted was

Party after party
Beauty and money
We were so desperate for

But you have made me
Feel so good
Just by pulling me closer to you

I close my eyes in your arms
The life is simple again with you


This is one of ze poisonous foods I have ever tasted.

Its so good that it sucks the life out of your budget like a dark hole that likes to suck everything lol XD

Best I ever had was the one in Yellow Cab.

But dang, so demn expensive XD

Neo Steam

Yea so I heard from a friend of mine that there's this new game that I might like to play, so I tried it out and it was good.

There's this intense pk action that I always look for in a game though my character wasn't created for PvP(player versus player). My character was made for PvM(player versus monster).

Though it sounds lame to others I like to create a character that specializes in monster hunting. This would also allow me to earn some money that I can later use for a sub character which will most likely be my PvP character :D


I saw this movie in crunchy roll and it got stuck in my head XD

It's a movie about Yu Gi Oh the trading card game, there was this part that really got me rolling on the floor laughing ROFL

The scene was when Yugi and Kaiba are in a middle of a duel with Kaiba summoning the Pyramid of Light sucking Yugi's gayish counterpart in.

Yugi: Kaiba do you have any idea what you've done!

Kaiba:oooh Kaiba do you have any idea what you've done~

Yugi:Stop repeating me!

Kaiba:stop repeating me~

Yugi:Stop it that's not funny!

Kaiba:*says a little quickly* the loser says "what"




Wahaha rofl XD

Try watching it for some laugh trip heehee :D


LoL I never actually thought that I would start my own blog XD


First post would most probably just a spam, kinda like a need to get you going like a coffee or caffeine or whatever it is that comes close to it :D