I saw this movie in crunchy roll and it got stuck in my head XD

It's a movie about Yu Gi Oh the trading card game, there was this part that really got me rolling on the floor laughing ROFL

The scene was when Yugi and Kaiba are in a middle of a duel with Kaiba summoning the Pyramid of Light sucking Yugi's gayish counterpart in.

Yugi: Kaiba do you have any idea what you've done!

Kaiba:oooh Kaiba do you have any idea what you've done~

Yugi:Stop repeating me!

Kaiba:stop repeating me~

Yugi:Stop it that's not funny!

Kaiba:*says a little quickly* the loser says "what"




Wahaha rofl XD

Try watching it for some laugh trip heehee :D