Neosteam Character Analysis: Assassin

In most games that I played in the past I always play a character that specializes in quick kill or characters that has stealth skills and are very agile. After discovering Neosteam I first scouted out the character that I like to play. Though Neosteam has 2 nations with 2 alternate jobs for the rogue class I definitely liked the Elerd's assassin.

Ideal Race choices:


- most ideal race for the rogue class
- has a passive skill that increases attack speed


- fast runners good for chasing preys
- has lots of hp and rapid hp regeneration that helps them last longer in battle


- can equip weapons and armors at an early level which gives them advantage in terms
of attack and defense
- has rapid SP regeneration which makes them a monster skill spammer

Weapon Options:

Dual Wield

- faster attack but lower damage output
- higher skill damage multiplier because of special upgrades on both weapons

Two handed Sword

- Relatively slow attack but higher damage output
- lower skill damage multiplier

Skill Builds:

Skills that need to be maxed out for an assassin of course are attack skills but there is more to an Elerd assassin than just attack skills. They also have amulet skills that aids them in battle.

PvM Build:
This is build is especially designed for killing monsters and not for fighting against other players. This build is able to solo most boss monsters and is able to hunt for a longer time than other classes without having to resupply potions. Dual wield is the most ideal weapon of choice for this skill build. This build emphasizes a balance between attack and support skills. Skills that should be learned for this build are:

Chain Assault(Multiple hits with random damage)[Max]
Fly Attack(Long range sword skill)[Max[
Amulet of Healing(Heals self with the use of combination amulet)[Max]
Amulet of Attack(Increases attack power with combination amulet)[Max]
Amulet of Property(100% critical attacks for the duration of the skill buff)[Max]
Dye Red(Long ranged poison attack)[Max]
Smack Wrist(Long ranged attack that decreases enemy's power)[Max]
Assassination(Gives high damage to enemies with high HP)[Max]
Clarity(Cloak and move without being seen)[Level 1]
Teleport(Warps you to the specified savepoint)[Level 1]
Amulet of Defense(Increases maximum sta and mp and mag defense)[Level 1]

PvP Build:
This build is for player versus player or simply killing other players :P
This build is most suited with two handed swords because they provide the highest damage output that of a one handed sword.
Skills for this build are:

Chain Assault[Max]
Fly Attack[Max]
Dye Red[Max]
Smack Wrist[Max]
Amulet of Attack[Max]
Amulet of Property[Max]
Clarity[Level 5]
Snap Charger(Decreases enemy's defense with certain probability)[Max]

The above mention are just my opinions though feel free to leave some comments or share your ideas with regards to this little thingy I made :D


Dekas - Signa Infero said...

a few info: dual swords have faster atk but also higher dps (damage x second) the instand dmg is lower that 2h swords, but ongoing it does more dmg, second thing speacial upgrades dosn't stack, so it's useles to have a high S on both swords, the system only picks the higher S and drops the other one (it dosn't consider it)