RadiaTa: Spark of a new beginning

An ordinary day turned chaotic when the most feared monster Ancient Crones escaped from its hellish prison. "There's no one that has ever lived after seeing that monster!", everyone in town rumored. Ancient Crones itself commands the most fiendish monsters ever to walk the land of the Elerd continent. As soon as the high council of Elerd kingdom heard of this crisis they immediately scrambled their army to counter attack this threat. "We must not let those monster get near our towns. Once they do, it'll be the end for us", one of the council members said with great anxiety.

"To counter this threat we must the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, our warriors whom we can count on all the time. Summon them to the council hall and inform them of their mission", the king of Elerd ordered the guards.

The warriors march towards the battlefield to protect what is dear to them. But little do they know that the monsters that are preparing to attack the towns were just decoys for the main invasion.

"Bad news everyone. It seems we were fooled by these minions. They're real aim was to lure us away from our towns and strike us at our backs.". "Our towns won't stand a chance with their current numbers, we only have few soldiers back home. Hurry let's return at once and save our home!". But as they were about to cross the giant bridge that would lead them home. Crones shows up and destroys the bridge. "Say farewell to your beloved kingdom" Crones said as he walk away heading towards the town. "We are at a loss...the alternate route home will take us 3 days to travel in. There won't be enough time then."

Back in town monsters are approaching the town gates. "Hurry hold the formation! We must not let them pass these gates!". Out of nowhere a monster suddenly approach one soldier from behind and... "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!". Suddenly a boy wearing blue armor appeared from above and killed the monster. "Thank you. But you don't seem familiar to me", the soldier said. "My name is Kyuzki. I came from the family of wanderers in the outskirts of the kingdom. Our existence is kept secret due to the horrible past our family has experienced. We were exiled for a crime we did not commit. We were hunted soon after. And now, I am the only survivor left... return to the towns and protect the citizens, I'll hold them off here". The soldiers immediately retreated to the towns to protect their cities. "What was their family called? I don't remember that incident being recorded" one soldier said. "That's because your still new to this job. If I remember correctly their family or clan was called...RadiaTa".